Ostéopathie Quebec

Founded in 2012, Ostéopathie Québec is the largest professional association for osteopaths in both Quebec and Canada.

It has three principal goals : to attest to the training of its members; to keep the Quebec population informed; and to offer intra-professional services to its members.

Attesting to the training of osteopaths

The basis of all professional practice is training. Ostéopathie Québec takes great care in the evaluation of candidates, of whom the first requirement is that they possess a Diploma in Osteopathy (D.O.).

To evaluate the suitability of Canadian and international candidates, Ostéopathie Québec refers to the guide Benchmarks in Osteopathy, published by the World Health Organization (WHO).

National and international affiliation

To ensure the conformity of its approach and methods; to participate in the sharing of scientific knowledge, and to represent its members, Ostéopathie Québec is a partner of the Canadian Federation of Osteopaths and a member of the European Federation of Osteopaths and of the Osteopathic International Alliance.


Keeping the population informed

Osteopathy is a clinical practice that is increasingly recognized by the general population, and Ostéopathie Québec is mobilizing to increase its visibility.

This website distributes information along three axes :

  • By explaining the raison d’être of Ostéopathie Québec, its methods and manner of functioning.
  • By offering a Members’ Directory of both Interns and Diplomas in Osteopathy (I.O. and D.O.).
  • By collecting articles about osteopathy, its principal features, its successes, and its place within healthcare plans as presently applicable in Québec. The collection will grow over time.

A public presence will be established, both through participation in awareness events aimed at the general public, and also through conventions and gatherings of healthcare professionals. Such activities will disseminate information about osteopathy and help our practice become more widely understood throughout the healthcare sector.

Publications destined for the general public will explain the applications of osteopathy in a simple, straightforward manner. Such publications will demonstrate the utility of osteopathy for all age groups, from foetus to golden age, not to mention convalescence, re-adaptation and sports-related injuries.

Professional services offered to members

Besides being the voice of osteopathy vis-à-vis other professional associations and governments, Ostéopathie Québec sustains an ongoing dialogue within the osteopathic community.

Ostéopathie Québec provides members with the means to facilitate their professional practices: official receipts for income tax and insurance purposes, appointment-reminder cards and the like. The association keeps members abreast of news and specialized training programs, and also offers complete professional and personal liability insurance programs.