Becoming a member of Ostéopathie Quebec

Ostéopathie Québec is the largest professional association for osteopaths in Canada. Membership attests to the training and competence of members in rigourously dispensing healthcare to the population.
Members benefit from clear advantages.

Recognition and reputation

First and foremost, belonging to the most widely-known professional association sends the message that the osteopath has been officially recognized as conforming to criteria established in the guide for osteopaths published by the World Health Organization (WHO), Benchmarks in Osteopathy.

Professional insurance

Furthermore, members enjoy the most complete professional-insurance coverage for osteopaths in Quebec, including coverage for services rendered in the areas of physiotherapy and sports therapy.

Official receipts

Members will have the right to issue official receipts of Ostéopathie Québec, which are accepted by a vast majority of complementary healthcare insurance programs.

Continuing education and strategic intelligence

Members are automatically subscribed to OstéoFacto, a professional newsletter for osteopaths that keeps them abreast of training programs offered, research activities, services relating to osteopathy, and national and international developments in the field.

And more…

By joining the ranks of Ostéopathie Québec, the osteopath strengthens the collective voice of all osteopaths dedicated to delivering the best healthcare services possible. Membership will contribute to recognition of the profession.

You can become a member of Ostéopathie Québec if you respond to all conditions and requirements for admission.

To become an Intern in Osteopathy (I.O.)

The candidate must have successfully completed the 5th year of training in osteopathy or obtained a 1st cycle diploma in osteopathy. An intern in osteopathy (I.O.) is a member with a limited status for a fixed period of time. Such status allows the intern to practice the profession while completing a memoire, thesis, or clinical apprenticeship.

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To become a Diploma in Osteopathy (D.O.)

The candidate must hold a diploma in osteopathy obtained from an institution recognized by Ostéopathie Québec. It must include theoretical and clinical training, followed by the successful presentation of a completed thesis, memoire or clinical apprenticeship.


its equivalent, if recognized by Ostéopathie Québec following an evaluation of the file of the D.O. and the successful completion of a clinical examination conducted by the Comité d’admission et de la compétence (CAC).

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